Nan's Fall Burlap Goodie Bag
Nan's Fall Burlap Goodie Bag

Nan's Fall Burlap Goodie Bag

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Our Fall Goodie bag is a collection of some of our favourite things that have been thoughtfully combined to bring life to your kitchen.

1. Tawashi Brush - great for dishes or vegetable scrubbing 

2. Loofah - our home grown Loofahs take months to grow and processing them to useable loofah scrubs takes time, sweat, blisters and a lot of care.  We have a limited number of these that we have included in these packages - they are great for cleaning, scrubbing, exfoliating - and they are compostable.  Probably one of the coolest things we've grown

3. Beautiful wood Herb Stripper - great for quick stripping of varieties of herbs for quick flavour adds to your meals

4. Scarlet Runner and Borlotti Bean Seeds - to get you started on your planting considerations for next year, these beans are all great as young fresh beans, but we use them mostly for shelling beans, fresh or dried for the pantry

5. FRESH Garlic Powder - We make a limited supply of fresh garlic powder once a year after our garlic harvest.  This powder is like chef gold, with a bright and spicy flavour that you only get with truly fresh garlic

6. Dried Herbs - Parsley and Thyme that has been grown, harvested and dehydrated for extended use in the winter months

7. Honey - Our collaboration with Bryn Jones, our master beekeeper (Honey Bee Haven) brings your honey made our bees!  275 g jar of the highest quality unpasteurized honey

8. All packaged up for you in a cute little Burlap Bag - great for regifting