Nan's Estate is a family garden farm located in Vancouver BC, a growing journey, a celebration of our connection to the earth, and an enduring relationship with the land.  We are a small but mighty team of passionate individuals committed to a journey of growing and learning.  The farm will offer a variety of homegrown flowers, vegetables and fruits through a Membership Subscription program, useful tips, thoughts and recipes through our Patron's Newsletter, and clothing, accessories, artisan items and garden tools inspired by the marvels of mother nature on our website shop.

25 years ago, Nancy planted a garden in the lands around our family property.  She loved flowers - especially peonies, lilies and roses.  She lovingly planted kiwis and currants and apple trees, with a vision of their future lives and harvestable fruits.  Every year, new seeds entered the soil, and vibrant, seasonal colors and flavours always graced the landscape and home.  Nancy's great love for the garden space became our own love for the garden space.  Today, Nancy's children and grandchildren are continuing this growing journey, learning to sow ranunculus, uproot fennel and taste the sweetness of fresh summer peas.  Our hands are happiest in the dirt, nurturing one of the greatest and most simple human pleasures and privileges - growing food.

The gingko tree on the property has been a comforting anchor throughout the years - it's beautiful, unique leaves embodying a rich green, yellow, orange or brown.  This ancient tree continues its cycles in vibrant colors through the seasons.  It is a beacon of resilience and longevity and a symbol of strength and growth.